Friday, November 9, 2012

AAAP's "Bundle-Up" STAR PARTY, Nov. 17th

Our friends at the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh  
invite you to this FREE public star party!
Come to the AAAP's new Bundle-up Starfest 
– Saturday, Nov. 17, beginning at 5:15 PM

Mingo Creek Park Observatory in Washington County

Rain, snow, or clear skies: Featuring the introduction of our new planetarium. It’s fantastic!

(( POSTSCRIPT: for an ongoing schedule of AAAP Star Parties, click HERE... ))

View the night sky through our 24 inch Ritchey-Chretien Reflector and 10 inch Refractor telescopes.

Observe Double-stars, planetary nebulae, astonishing star clusters, distant galaxies, Jupiter and four of its moons, and more (sky conditions permitting!).

Visit the AAAP website for directions 
NOTE: see SHBA's simplified map below instead...
and information about the observatory. Click on the Facilities tab.

Students, scouts, adults, and children accompanied by adults are welcome. If you know others who would be interested in receiving these notices, please respond to this email to send their email addresses.

We hope to see you there!

Bill Roemer, Director
Mingo Creek Park Observatory

( Our SHBA simplified Mingo-map, optimized for South Hillzers:

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