Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Friday July 11th 2014 Annual STARGAZING program at SOUTH PARK

Friday, JULY 11th, 2014:  9-PM to midnight 
at the South Park WAVE POOL PARKING LOT...

Our annual STARGAZING program for the South Park Nature program...
Eric Canali's been doing this program for South Park since the mid 1980's and in recent years Erik and Tony have become indispensable additions to to the event.

We'll have a number of different types of telescopes and, weather permitting, we'll be looking at SATURN, MARS, and the MOON and a host of star clusters and nebulae as well as lots of first-hand instruction on learning your way around the sky including how the sky "works" and which constellations are up and where to look.

Those of you who need help are welcome to bring your own scopes and we'll help you with learning how to setup and use them too.


Well... yuck. As it turned out, it wasn't cloudy but it was very humid and the light of the full moon was so well conducted through the moisture in the air that everything in the sky except the Moon, Mars and Saturn were kept at such a low contrast factor that they were almost invisible to the naked eye. So, all the cool stuff we could have done with finding constellations and deep sky objects was largely a no-go... Regardless, the attendees all got excellent views of the Moon, Mars, and Saturn

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